History and vision

SCS is a management consulting company established in Bologna in 2001. It is the product of three companies’ combined experience, gained from more than 20 years working in professional consulting, training and human resources development.

Our goal is to enhance our existing skills and relationships, making us a key partner and centre of excellence in strategic, management and organisational consulting.

We are committed to supporting enterprises and regions, supplying services and solutions for creating value and producing sustainable growth. Our Clients benefit from our guidance in a number of ways: running their business more profitably, putting the Client front and centre again, enhancing the value of human resources and developing sustainable innovation.

In recent years, company growth has allowed us to invest in our people and in relationships with Universities and Research Centres, becoming the go-to company for the business community.

SCS is a member of the Bologna Association of Cooperatives. We support Libera and are a founding member of Paragon, Impronta Etica and member of Cooperare con Libera Terra.

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